DA-51 Compact 4 axes CNC system for Press Brakes

Product Description
The DA-51 offers all basic CNC control functions upto 4 axes and angle programming of the Y axis.

The bright LCD display including backlight and the modern front panel layout guarantee a very user-friendly and easy to program controller.
For part programming it provides the user programming space for 500 program lines where each program can contain 25 bends maximum. All bend parameters of one bend are listed on one page.
For each program there is one extra page available to specify a.o. tooling, material properties and stock count.
The basic machine control functions are Y1-Y2-X axis, optionally a second servo axis to be used as R/Z or X2 axis control and/or a 3 position pneumatic R axis control.
The CNC control is able to drive a crowning device.
The compact control gives highly flexible mounting possibilities and is pin compatible to the graphical programming unit type DA-51.

Main characteristics
• LCD display 320x240 pixel
• Memory capacity:
500 program lines with 25 bends max. per program
• Tool library
• Product counter
• Bend repetition, 99 max.
• Operator selectable language
• A folio to program
• R axis, Z axis, and X axis is optional
• Enormous EMS memory space
• Die room
• Face-installation
• Servo Control / Frequency Control /two speed AC motor control

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