Delem-DA65w CNC Screen PLC Control

Product Description
The DA-65w press brake controller combines user-friendliness with efficient programming and reliability. This, combined in one strong package, increasing machine productivity.

The latest graphics technologies enable real scale representation within Delem's familiar intuitive user interface.

The system offers 3D graphical programming that include automatic bend sequence calculation and collision detection. Together with self-learning database this will lead to a good result of the desired product.

The full 3D machine set-up includes multiple tool stations and offers true feedback on product feasibility and handling.

Highly effective control algorithms optimizes the machine cycle and minimizes set-up time. This makes using press brake easier, more efficient and more versatile then ever.

Windows networking ensures easy integration in your production network. The controller can be accessed from anywhere in the network and product data can be stored at the desired network locations.

Housed in a tough and sturdy cabinet, the DAonWindows control is based on

state-of-the-art industrial electronics and equipped with a high quality color(TFT) screen.

Delem's Modusys concept and its built-in PLC allows you to add functionality,

providing maximum scalability and adaption.

DA-65W featuring:

●3D/2D graphical programming,
●3D visualization in productionl mode
●10.4'' TFT color display,
●Standard Windows@ suite
●Integrated OEM-panel
●USB keyboard & mouse interface
●User specific application support within the controller's multitasking environment
●Sensor bending & correction interface

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