W25K CNC Bending machine

Product Description

1). Parts of the body and head stiffener design, and after annealing to eliminate internal stress, the machine has sufficient strength and rigidity, imitation permanent deformation.

2). Advanced and reliable structure “Arc downward adjustment”, the two under rollers, Arc around the rotation center do lifting exercise, the three rollers are active rolls, there are three separate hydraulic motor. (It is the only one factory using this structure .)

3). On both sides of the machine have a hydraulic roller, they can prevent the non-symmetric profiles generated distortion in the process of bending , and will help to ensure the formation of non-symmetric with good quality.

4). Hydraulic drive to complete a feeding, various sections (angles, channels, H steel, round steel, etc.) end pre-bending and bending can be bent into a variety of profiles needed to round, curved, spiral-shaped , oval and other artifacts.
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