CH1 Series High-speed precision press

Product Description
Widely used in small size, high precision, large quantities of parts stamping processing industry, such as precision electronic, communication equipment, household appliances, auto parts, motor stator and rotor and other small parts stamping processing.
Taiwan itself and the base of the integration of special cast iron alloy, high rigidity and good resistance to vibration and shock absorption.
Slider to the long guide path design with slide balance device, and ensure the functioning of the precision and stability.
All anti-wear components are electronic timing automatic lubricating system, such as lack of lubrication, punch automatic stop.
Can be used with any demand for automated production, improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

标准配件 Standard Functions/Accessories Standard 标准
卡模解脱装置 Sticking Release Device  ○
电动循环润滑给油装置 Automatically-recirculating Lubrication Device  ○
手动式滑块调整装置 Manual Slide Adjusting Device  ○
计数器 Electrical Stroke Counter  ○
可编程控制器 Programmahle Logical Controller  ○
滑块及模具平衡装置 Balance Device  ○
旋转凸轮开关 Rotary Cam Switch  ○
曲轴角度指示器 Crank Angle Indicator  ○
空气源接头 Air Source Receptacle  ○

选用配件 Optional/ Functions Accessories Optional选配
吹风装置 Air Ejector  ○
防震脚 Auti-Vibration Press Mount  ○
变频器 Inverter  ○
模具照明装置 Die Room Light  ○
预裁计数器 Preset Counter  ○
送料机 Feeder  ○
误送检测装置 Misfeed Detection Consent  ○

机种 MODEL CH1-25 CH1-45
吨数 Capacity ton 25 45
能力发生点 Rating Tonnage Piont(above B.D.C) mm 1 1
行程长 Stroke Length mm 30 30
最大模高 Die Height (S.D.A.U) mm 195 230
行程数 Stroke Per Minute S.P.M 200-400 200-400
滑块调整量 Slide Adjustment mm 50 75
滑块板面积 Slide Area(LR×FB×T) mm 300×240×50 460×340×70
台板面积 Bolster Area(LR×FB) mm 530×310×70 720×460×80
台身盘开口 Bed Opening(LR×FB) mm 300×180 360×200
主马达 Main Motor HP×P VS3×4 VS7.5×4
最大上模重量 MAX.Weight OF Upper Die Kg 30 150
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