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MAANSHAN NEW FULI MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.authorized the official registration being established by the National Related Department in July 14, 2000, the company is situated in Chinese economic development city of most front steel and iron--Ma'anshan, has sets up, the horizontal type machining center and so on hundred numerical control processing equipment, and each precise instrumentation. The company devotes to the fine refinement management and zero flaw work. The company devotes to the fine refinement management and zero flaw work. While stable growth's, can provide the complete product by the time to give the customer. While stable growth's, can provide the complete product by the time to give the customer.     
New Fuli Machine relies on many years in the machine manufacture profession thick product, and has formed specialized, mature, the reliable design, the development, to make each kind of forging and stamping engineering products the production system. The company devotes under financial crisis's impact on the ramming engine bed's research and development to the production, technically increases the investment, guaranteed that new technical the investment, eliminates the backward technology, the figure rich person attracts essence of the world, the collection figure rich wisdom, strives for success enterprising, the development innovation, by “dares to make brave, is the wise friendly, the struggle is the powerhouse” the spirit, deducts the dark ink serious wound the beautiful poem, has created the Chinese plate work profession miracle.FuLI Machine specialized production each kind of numerical control plate work engine bed as well as ordinary, Gao Jing, high speed punch press, from 15 tons --600 tons, products outlet Europe, Central America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and so on more than 30 countries and area. Company area 90,000 square meters, existing staff 330 people, all levels of is expert in sharp talented person more than 60. The company specialized design, the production, the sales ramming engine bed, the panel beating equipment, several years's development, New Fuli Machine  advanced into one of the East China area biggest ramming engine bed, plate work equipment production bases. The company also positively develops the export trade, and develops OEM with the numerous overseas well-known manufacturers. The company two issues will expand will begin the project in November, 2009, after occupying a land area 20000 square meter new workshops will complete, New Fuli Machine argues vigorously into mainland China biggest ramming engine bed export to process the base!     
New Fuli Machine has a rich experience, the technology exquisite product design troop, uses the computer CAD aided design and the world first-class three dimensional SolidWorks software design optimization and the Tsinghua University finite element analysis, designs the optimum structure plan; Production management aspect, the company has one group of high quality business management personnel, has succeeded practices the MRPII management system management system. Company chief executive officer Mr. Li Zhongwei for domestic renowned numerically-controlled machine tool technical expert, when take him as head's company leadership examines the matter, goes all out, strives for perfection, the leadership company has obtained the swift development.     
New Fuli Machine in line with the humanist idea, must be accurate by “the localization, the point of view must be good; Is trusted loyally, pays has the repayment” the staff spirit, initiates the open corporate culture, provides the comprehensive technical training for the staff, promotes staff's technical ability; Carries out the bountiful recreational activity, the substantial staff's extra-curricular life, achieves truly lets the staff professional, be content with one's occupation.

ADD: Bowang Special Economic Zone Industry Park,Maanshan,Anhui


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