Digital Display Unit for Press Brake E10D

Product Description
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E10D digital display unit is self-developed and manufactured with Estun's decades of practice and experience in numerical control of press brakes.

In view of characteristics of press brakes, photoelectric encoder is equipped to display position of backgauge and dead block.

Special functions like one side positioning display and spindle allowance offset are available to ensure unity for displayed position and actual position of backgauge.

Integrated with time replay, soft limit switch and power down position memorization function, E10 provides a high cost performance and brings great conveniences to customers.

Main features:
Two rows of 6 characters , 7 segments LED display
Position display of backgauge(X-axes) and dead block(Y-axes), resolution in 0.1mm or 0.01mm
Spindle allowance offset
Internal time relay
Inch/mm selection
Integral factor programmable freely

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