How to operate the sheet metal press
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1. Prepare the machine for operation, but do not turn it on yet. Remove any objects from the machine's surface that do not belong there. The work area should be clear and only the metal sheet you are pressing should be present.

2. Adjust the height of the machine so you can comfortably and safely operate it. If the press controls are too high up for your reach, for instance, it is not safe for you to stand on your tippy toes, or jump up to try and reach it. You could accidentally slip or fall and come into contact with the machine's point of operation. Instead, make the adjustments necessary so you are compatible with the machine. If the machine is not adjustable, consider standing on a work-approved step stool to boost your height.

3. Power the sheet metal press on. Allow it to run and warm up before feeding the sheet metal through. Double check the sheet metal to confirm it is the appropriate size for the machine. You may need to consult your machine's operating manual to find out the exact metal thickness that the press brake is capable of pressing. If you try to feed a sheet of metal through the press that is too thick for the press brake, you can damage the machine.

4. Feed the sheet metal through the press brake. Make sure the metal ends up over the mold. Press the necessary button or lever to pull the press down so the metal is bent by the machine. Bring the press back up again when the metal is formed.

5. Remove the metal from the mold after it is bent. If the machine you use does not have an automatic feature for pushing the metal through or down a conveyor belt, turn the machine off completely before removing the metal manually.
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