TDF Trans-verse Flange Manufacture Machine

TDF Trans-verse Flange Manufacture Machine

Product Description
Board type flange system of ventilation pipe production is one of two flanges connection system, it has low cost, sealed performance is good, the characteristics of convenient installation simple, particularly suitable for section area is not large ventilation pipe production, TDF flange system of board type can be used for mass industrial production factory, is a high efficiency of the system of the new design duct flange, TDF flange of board type machine and the roll bone machine, cutting machine, pressure Angle muscle machine combined can form the automation production, and may also be brought to the group, mechanical construction, convenient and quick.

Board type of flange machine according to the work performance requirements can have two kinds of type, T-12 and T-15. T-15 on both sides, one side of the forming and forming of board type flange form ", "side for hook clip" "forming. T-12, T-15 the speed of work are 6 m/min.

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