Decoiler and Straightener(2 in 1)

Decoiler and Straightener(2 in 1)

Product Description

1, precision adjustment device, suitable for high precision machining products

2, This machine adopts Japan magnetic contactor switches and electronic components, long life, few failures.

3, Decoiler and straightener are together as one part, not more space, small size, simplify the feeding operation , reduce cost.

4, The wheel solid bearing steel use hard chrome plating and then grinding after heat treatment, high hardness, wear resistance, excellent, extremely long life.

5, Suitable for a variety of pieces of metal feeding and correct, the effect, the advantages of gold.

6, Suitable for a variety of hardware, electronics, appliances, toys, auto parts for stamping processing, feeding correction, accurate and durable.

Special equipment (Option):

1, change the feeding speed.

2 install thick slices of the pressing device

3, change the inner diameter

4, selection of hydraulic expansion

5, the weight of the material is modified according to requirement.

6, the motor can be used two-variable speed control

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