DA-41 CNC System for Press Brakes

Product Description
DA-41 is the two axle special-purpose NC system for sprain axle press brakes. With the latest electronic technology employed, it offers a unique solution to the flexibility define for the slipper stroke, back gauge, and input/output.
It supports many kinds of axle control method like Servo Control, two speed AC motor control, as well as Frequency Control. The back gauge applies to both bi-directional control, and uni-directional control which reduces intervals of screw mandrel, according to different needs.
High-definition LCD display, which provides a clear, rapid and simple program to operate. Can be data programmed with angles and mould parameters input. All-screen can be edited clearly through the form by the operator.
The technical parameters of the press brakes can be chosen by an operation cursor which is friendly linked with the user.

DA-41 NC Characteristics:
• High-definition LCD display;
• Position control of slip stop;
• Back gauge control;
• Angles programming;
• Moulds’ technical parameters are established;
• Escaped materials control;
• 100-step procedures;
• 25 engineering steps for each procedure;
• Face-installation;
• Servo Control / Frequency Control /two speed AC motor control.

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