DAC-310 shears CNC system

Product Description
DAC-310 shears CNC system, using the latest electronic technology,

has compact structures and comprehensive functions, which supply a set of unique solutions for the control of extruded-plate, intervals of screw mandrel, and shearing processes.
Extruded-plate employs axis control method, which supports servo control, two speed AC motor control, and frequency control.
The extruded-plate apply to both bi-directional control, and uni-directional control which reduces intervals of screw mandrel, according to different needs.
The reference point can be set to search for automatically after power is on, or just to remember the stop location when power is off.
Two mobile speeds are available, and by choosing each one the extruded-plate can be manually moved.
High-definition LCD display, which provided a clear, rapid and simple to facilitate programming.
Simultaneous display extruded-plate location and Programming Radio, and the options function of procedures counts can also be displayed.
Each step procedure is set up to the links of processes, distance of escaped materials, as well as double counting.
DAC-310 CNC system functions:
• High-definition LCD display, 275 x 48 pixel;
• Control of extruded-plate;
• Edge gap control;
• Shearing strokes control;
• Simultaneous display extruded-plate location and Programming Radio;
• Shearing count;
• 100-step procedures;
• Face-installation;
• Servo Control / Frequency Control /two speed AC motor control.

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