W12 series 4-roller rolling machine

W12 series 4-roller rolling machine

Product Description
1. Using domestic unique torsion bar synchronization structure, and rolling after the high precision, roundness good! (The previous model sliding orientation, slide easily wear iron filings, affecting accuracy and service life of machine)

2. Hydraulic motor drive, environmental protection and energy saving.

3. Straight edge is short, pre-bending effect is good! More suitable for volume cones.

4. Coil only time through the process of completing, including bilateral pre-bending, plate bending speed, high efficiency, the most easy to operate, only one operator.

5. Has an automatic right now, clamping function, plates do not slide, deviation.

6. With anti-overload, hydraulic protection.

7. With the anti-wear, permanent lubrication-free features.

8. Reel diameter small (can be rolled on the roll is less than 1.1 times the diameter of the cylinder, while the linear slide driven rolling machine can roll on the cylinder diameter of 1.4-0.5 times the roll diameter).

W12 4 Roller automatic metal sheet rolling machine technical parameter

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