YD32 series four column hydraulic press

Product Description
Characteristics and uses:

YD32 series four-post hydraulic press, the use of the second series of hydraulic Cartridge Valve; electrical control system can be equipped with "PC" PLC, as well as independent electrical and hydraulic power sector. Using centralized control button, can be adjusted, semi-automatic and manual operation. It kind of applies to stretch, bend, flange, calibration, pressure mounted and cold, hot extrusion process, and so on. According to the users need to be equipped with a significant number of trips, such as pressure on a number of significant features.
Features: Three four-post-beam structure, economical and practical. The overall use of hydraulic control valves Cartridge-integrated system to reduce the leakage point, action, reliable, long service life. Pressure can be realized, will be forming two-way process, with security when the calendar function, adjustable time delay.Pressure, travel can be provided for within the framework of regulation. Button using centralized control, with adjustment of the three semi-automatic and manual operation.
Applicable areas: the application of metal materials in the stretch, blanking (blanking buffer should be matching device), bending, flanging, cold extrusion processes such as stamping, but also to a more positive pressure equipment, products and abrasive powder Products as well as the suppression of molding plastic products, insulation materials to suppress the molding.

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