JE23 Series Inclinable Eccentric Power Press

JE23 Series Inclinable Eccentric Power Press

Product Description
JE23 products widely used precision electronics, communications, computers, household appliances, automobile parts, motor rotor, and other small precision parts stamping process.
Suitable for mass production of sophisticated electronics, metal parts.
Seamless special alloy cast iron, high-rigidity and seismic.
Slider to guide long-road design, with the balance slider device, to ensure the functioning of the precision and stability.
Works with any demand for the automation of production, increase productivity and reduce costs.
1. Transmission center and the center of the machine as a whole line to ensure the accuracy of the press and stable.
2. Slider local use of two balancer to ensure that the machines running balance.
The stability of the high-precision crank, gears, gear shaft, and other parts of friction, are hardened by heat treatment after grinding processing, high wear resistance and balance, performance and stability.
Automated processing, and labor-saving works with any auto-feed mechanism, to automate production, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Optional configuration

Optional accessories Standard Functions/Accessories Standard Matching
Free card mode device Sticking Release Device ○ 0000
Lubricating oil to the cycle of electrical device Automatically-recirculating Lubrication Device ○ 0000
Manually adjust the slider-style device Manual Slide Adjusting Device ○ 0000
Counter Electrical Stroke Counter ○ 0000
PLC Programmahle Logical Controller ○ 0000
Die slider and a balance device Balance Device ○ 0000
Rotary cam switches Rotary Cam Switch ○ 0000
Crank angle indicator Crank Angle Indicator ○ 0000
Joint air-source Air Source Receptacle ○ 0000

Optional accessories Optional/ Functions Accessories Optional matching
Hair device Air Ejector ○ 0000
Foot shock Auti-Vibration Press Mount ○ 0000
Converter Inverter ○ 0000
Die lighting Die Room Light ○ 0000
Pre-Conference counters Preset Counter ○ 0000
Feeding Feeder ○ 0000
Send false detection device Misfeed Detection Consent ○ 0000

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